CBT Course Using "Bikes In Motion".


July 2nd 2011.

As has been previously mentioned while my wife was taking a 1 months sabbatical from work to do new and adventurous things I decided to sign her up for a Compulsorily Bike Training course to see if she enjoyed riding a bike as well as being a pillion passenger. Found a local company that run all sorts of bike training courses, "Bikes In Motion" so I signed her up for her CBT at a cost of £110.
To make sure she would be suited to the size of bike we were offered to go and have a look to see if she could handle it OK. The bike in question was a Honda CG125 and it was quite evident when we saw it that it was not going to be to big for her to manage as they are quite compact little bikes.
The instructor, "Dave" was great from the off, no pressure at all, the sort of guy that puts you at ease straight away with a no nonsense say what you see attitude.
So it was settled then the course would start Saturday July 16th at 9:30am using a local school playground to start with the basics.

July 16th 2011.
As is typical with this country it was absolutely chucking it down with rain on the day, we turned up on time expecting it to be cancelled but no it was going ahead so I deposited the wife and left them to get on with it.
To cut a long story short I got a phone call 3 hours later to pick her up and she was like the proverbial drowned rat.
She never got to do the bit out on the road in the bad weather conditions and she was not feeling confident although Dave said he was quite happy to take her out as she was quite capable. She was not keen on this so Dave offered to bring her back one evening and complete the course which I thought was really good of him as at the end of the day it is his time we were taking up. So we arranged to finish it off in the evening in a couple of weeks time.

July 27th 2011.
Part 2 so to speak. Weather much better tonight in fact pretty much perfect, so once again I deposited my wife at the school, took a few sneaky pictures then went home waiting for a phone call to pick her up. She called at about 8:00pm to say she had finished the course and to come and pick her up the difference being this time was that she really enjoyed it. Next stop second hand motorcycle shop I guess!

Thanks Guys.

I would like to say a big thank you to Dave and the "Bikes In Motion" people for all their help and understanding in getting Alison through her CBT without whom she would not have completed the course.

Some Sneaky CBT Course
Pictures That I Took.

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Alison approaching her motorbike for the evening, a Honda CG125.

Approaching The Bike.
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The next step is to get on the bike. Instructor Dave provides a watchful eye.

Getting On To The Bike.

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Give the surroundings a quick check to remember which side is "Brakes" and which side is "Gears".

Quick Check!
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Clutch in and select first gear.

Select First Gear.

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Clutch out, find the biting point, a bit more on the throttle and away we go.

Away We Go.
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Getting the hang of gear changes, be out on the road in no time.

Back Again.