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Akito "Cougar" Textile Jacket.
Textile Jacket.
Gelert Rainpod Waterproof, Windproof Jacket.
Rain pod Jacket.
Spada "air flow" summer gloves.
"Air Flow"
Summer Gloves
Alpinestars Jet Road Goretex Gloves
Jet Road GTX
Goretex Gloves.
Red Route Draggin Jeans
Red Route
Kevlar Draggin
Umbro Football Socks.
Foggy anti-breath fog guard.
Breath Mask.
    Sidi B2 Goretex Boots.
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Akito "Cougar"
Textile Jacket:

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Akito "Cougar" Textile Jacket (front view).

Cost £20 Used.

When I first got my new bike I was lacking a bit in proper protective clothing and my friend kindly lent me this Akito "Cougar" Weatherproof jacket just to tide me over until my Alpinestars T-Dyno Textile Jacket became available. I returned it a couple of weeks later after giving it a quick clean when my own jacket arrived in the shop. He has since bought some new gear and I asked him to give me first refusal on his old jacket if he was selling it at which point he said I could have it for free as it was quite old. I felt a bit guilty just taking it so I gave him £20 which seemed fair as it cost some £90 ten years ago. It is more water resistant than my other jacket but a good downpour still finds its way through! The jacket has pockets all over the place with triple fastenings, (velcro, zip & pop studs). There is a removable quilted thermal lining similar in design as the one on my Alpinestars T-Dyno Textile Jacket. (This item is also featured on GameStone).


Velcro cuff and neck adjustment. Akito "Cougar" Textile Jacket Rear View.
Akito "Cougar" Textile Jacket. (rear view).
Akito Jacket
Rear View.
Akito "Cougar" Textile Jacket Quilted Liner.
Akito "Cougar" Quilted Thermal Jacket liner. (front view).
Akito Jacket
Elbow, shoulder and back protectors.
Numerous velcro, zip and pop stud pockets.
Removable thermal inner lining.
Shower proof, (not to hot in a rainstorm).

Rain pod Jacket:

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Gelert Rain pod breathable waterproof, windproof jacket.

Cost about £15.

The Gelert Rain pod Jacket is generally for use for walking around streets, fields or hills whatever the weather but it is my intention to use it as an over jacket for the Alpinestars T-Dyno jacket to help improve the waterproofing in a heavy downpour as the Alpinestars jacket is not particularly rain proof.
The Gelert Rain pod Jacket is a breathable and very lightweight waterproof jacket designed for easy packing in a rucksack with it's own stuff sack. Constructed with a softer Gelert fabric that is also much tougher than others used before with a 2000mm Hydrostatic Head, it will keep you dry in the worst weather conditions.
The roll-down hood can be packed away to form a comfortable soft collar which is ideal as it would serve no purpose over the crash helmet. The storm flap is attached, like the pockets, by a hook and loop system to keep you secure and the weather out.


Material: 100% Nylon, softer fabric for comfort. Click For Larger Image.
Gelert Rain pod breathable waterproof, windproof jacket.
The hood can be folded to form a collar!
Jacket Opened.
Waterproof, breathable coating.
Hook & loop closure pockets.
Roll-down hood forms soft collar .
Elasticated cuff.
Elasticated draw cord at hem & hood .

Spada "Air Flow"
Summer Gloves:

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Spada "Air Flow" Summer Gloves,(outer and inner views for the right hand and left hand glove).

Cost £10 Used.

On my quest to kit out my wife with some reasonable bike clothing I happened across these Spada "air flow" summer gloves which are designed to let air flow through special vents mounted on the knuckles. Obviously this means the gloves are not waterproof and designed with good weather in mind. Made from leather and textile material and sporting the usual knuckle protection materials I thought these were a bargain for £10 which is what I purchased them for from a friend, (new they cost about £30).


Velcro wrist and cuff adjustment. Spada Logo.
Spada Logo
Web Site Link
Cross vent air flow knuckle system.
Leather and textile construction.
Moulded leather knuckle guard.
Palm reinforced with leather and keprotec inserts.

Jet Road GTX
Goretex Gloves.

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Alpinestars Jet Road GTX Goretex Gloves.
(Top picture outside, right hand. Bottom picture inside, left hand).

Cost £78.49

I started to notice the cold was getting through my Vega Drystar Waterproof Gloves as Winter draws nearer and although they are comfortable I decided to buy a pair of gloves that would withstand the elements a bit better. Having been impressed with Alpinestars so far I decided to go for the same brand. A friend had these particular gloves in my size, (Large/10) so I was able to try them for fit before buying them. Retailing at around £130 I found a pair on Ebay that was £78.49 including delivery so I decided to go for it. Three days later and I was the proud owner of these new Alpinestars Jet Road GTX Goretex gloves. I am yet to try them out for real but putting them on for a test fit I feel that they will be comfortable when used proper.


Carbon Knuckle Protectors. Alpinestars Logo.
Alpinestars Logo
Web site Link.
Water & Windproof Breathable GoreTex Membrane.
Dual Wrist Closures.
Padded Finger Protector with Extended Gauntlet.
Full Grain Leather & Duralon Fabric.
Synthetic Suede Palm For Added Grip.

Red Route
Draggin Jeans:

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Red Route Kevlar draggin jeans with knee protectors inserted. (front view).

Cost £99.99

I have been after a pair of fair weather Kevlar riding jeans for a while now but the weather had been somewhat disappointing therefore I never got round to it until now. I needed a pair with a bit of room to cope with certain disabilities I possess and these seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. Costing £100 (with a penny change) they did not seem to overpriced considering it was from a bike shop not an internet purchase. They come with knee pockets and extra knee protector inserts unlike some of the jeans I looked at which where Kevlar reinforced only. So much easier to throw on than my Wolf leather and textile trousers these are much more comfortable for sitting around in as well exactly like a normal pair of jeans but with the added protection just in case it is needed.


Kevlar lining at all the major impact points. Click For Larger Image.
Red Route Kevlar draggin jeans. (Rear view).
Red Route
Draggin Jeans
Rear View.
Removable CE approved shock armour at the knees.
Straight six pocket design.
Connecting jacket zip, (fit to the jacket yourself).
Distressed styling and a relaxed fit in blue or black colour.
Machine washable.

Football Socks:

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Umbro Football Socks.

Cost about £5.

I found that normal regular socks did not come high enough up the leg to prevent the tops of my Sidi B2 Goretex boots from chaffing against my skin on the toughened boot rim. Normal thermal bike socks seemed to come up a bit thick and made the boots feel tight. What I wanted was something that was light, thin but tough wearing and these football socks seemed to fit the bill quite nicely. They feel comfortable when being worn with or without boots on and are quite thin compared to thermal socks. That being said I don't think you would get much benefit from these socks in the Winter months because of the lack of thickness.


Stay up comfort top. Umbro Logo.
Umbro Logo.
Real heel.
Maximum support.
Extra comfort.
Machine washable
100% Nylon.

Breath Mask:

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Foggy anti_fog breath mask (front view).

Cost about £18.

I usually use the "Pinlock" system on my Arai Chaser crash helmet which works really well with regards to stopping the visor misting up! However, if I wear sunglasses when the conditions call for it I get bad misting on the lenses when I stop for any reason, (traffic lights etc). So I purchased this Foggy anti-fog breath mask which fits into your crash helmet by way of velcro pads, boy is it a sod to get right, I took about an hour moving it about and keep trying it on and the end result still was not perfect as you can see here, (click picture for a larger image).
Foggy anti-fog breath mask fitted to my Arai Chaser crash helmet.
Foggy anti-fog breath mask fitted to my Arai Chaser crash helmet.

I took my bike for a spin, (wearing my sunglasses) and I am pleased to report that it does actually work. The way it fits into the helmet makes it a little uncomfortable but I guess a few more adjustments could be in order. It is a bit more awkward to remove the helmet now as well as the nose clip tends to dig in.


Soft comfortable neoprene. Foggy anti-fog breath mask.
Foggy anti-fog breath mask (side view).
Breath Mask.
Foggy anti-fog breathmask in it's packaging.
Foggy anti-fog breath mask in it's original packaging.
Foggy Mask
Self sealing nose clip.
Velcro pads make simple application.
No fuss, No gel, No fog.
One size fits all.